Advent, Advent…

... a candle is burning. This special Advent wreath is the crowning feature of every arrangement for the festive table. In the run-up to Christmas, four candle-lit angel musicians perform for us as we sit round drinking coffee. First one, then two, then three, then four – they may be playing the mandolin, violin, flute or harmonica, but with every Sunday that passes, the quartet shines a bit more brightly.


A variety of gifts

From the depths of the forest comes the tiny Marguerite Angel, spreading happiness and joy in the run-up to Christmas. He has lovingly wrapped up the gifts – with a bit of help from his heavenly friends. What do the parcels contain? The variety is almost limitless, because small as the Marguerite Angels may be, their talents are highly versatile. They can make lace, knit, sew, cook and bake. They decorate Christmas trees, repair toys and paint miniature works of art. Just like the people who take a delight in them. With a large selection of accessories, we can supply the right angel for every hobby, every preference and every passion.

May luck be with you

The arduous final exams are over, the long-sought diploma in hand – a new, exciting chapter of life now awaits. Whether on-the-job training, further study or going abroad is on the immediate horizon – a little luck never hurts. And that’s exactly what our delightful Blossom Girl with four-leaf clover brings with her. As a very personal gift to commemorate graduation, she looks forward to accompanying loved ones on their new exciting paths. Let her express your heartfelt wishes: May luck be with you!


Twinkle Twinkle
Little Star

The famous Moon Family returned to our collection in May – looking just the same as when Olly Wendt designed them back in 1925. Now, more than 90 years on, Father Moon, Mother Sun and their four Star Children watch over young and old alike as they sleep. With their beaming faces they enchant all who see them, both by day and night, and make a heavenly gift to mark a birth, a christening or a birthday.

Young love

Give me your hand to dance in the May,” is what this cheerful boy seems to be asking his beloved. And she is only too happy to grant his request. And what a pretty pair they make as they twirl away under the green beaded arch to the sound of Tchaikovsky’s “Waltz of the Flowers”. Grete Wendt designed this melodic vision of spring in 1956, which makes this masterpiece of music and design one of the last music boxes to emerge from the pen of the great designer. A timeless composition that for almost 60 years has awakened feelings of spring in our eyes and ears. Perfect for those who have recently fallen in love, for newlyweds and for all those whose love feels as fresh as ever.


Creating lasting
birthday memories

Birthdays are such special days. Loved ones come to visit, wishes are shared, laughter and merriment fills the air. When you’re looking to make someone’s big day all that much brighter and create a lasting memory for them, our Well-Wishers are just the right envoys! Why not make it even more personal by having your loved one’s name inscribed on the base of the figurine? 

My Wendt & Kühn

Did you know that Wendt & Kühn now grants individual wishes? It’s absolutely true when you have us add your own personal inscription to selected figurines. That’s what our “My Wendt & Kühn” offer is all about: High-quality unique pieces, never to be duplicated again in all the world. A distinctively personal way to say “thanks” 365 days of the year, extend birthday wishes or commemorate a baptism. From the very first day of school to the very last final examination, these Grünhainichen figurines are always delighted to take on the role of a personable well-wisher. 


The art of craftsmanship

Wendt & Kühn has stood for fine German craftsmanship at its most beautiful since 1915. At Wendt & Kühn, the mastery and artistry of figurine manufacturing has been passed down from generation to generation. We draw on a wealth of original samples and designs in conscientiously developing them in contemporary interpretations and are very proud to be celebrating the 100th anniversary of our Grünhainichen workshops in this year. 


eleven dot post

The new eleven dot post is out

It’s that time of year again! We have just published the latest edition of our eleven dot post. It is packed with fascinating background information and glimpses behind the scenes as well as new additions to our product range and input from fans and collectors. The title story for this edition is all about the work we put into maintaining color diversity based on experience that stretches back over decades and a refined artistic sense. This year, our English-speaking customers got the opportunity to read How the Angel Got His Eleven Dots in translation. Lovingly illustrated, it tells the story of the little shawm player and the trials and tribulations he must undergo before he can join the world-famous ensemble of the Grünhainichen Angels. We also take a look at what’s new in 2016. But why not see for yourself?

ankuendigung edp
teaser malanders

Advent season

A different kind of Christmas Star

Advent is a very special time. So how about a really special eye-catching piece to accompany it? Our angel in a bright yellow star masters this role brilliantly. Placed on the windowsill it will attract everyone’s attention and set the scene for this most wonderful time of year. As a matter of interest, these 30-centimeter-high figurines also come sitting on a crescent moon or on a comet – heavenly messengers that manifest true greatness.

Gift idea

Enchanting and enchanted

In the spring the Marguerite Angels added to their number once again. Now they are also to be found enjoying the art of lace making as well as painting one of the splinter boxes that the workshops reissued to celebrate our 100th anniversary. Our small master builder is a little more playful. Block by block it builds a tower as if in a dream, reminding us that from time to time we all need to recall those long-forgotten carefree days of childhood. These delicate angels make an attractive gift for all model railway enthusiasts, large and small, ambitious pastry cooks and industrious knitters.

teaser newsletter en2

Wendt & Kühn newsletter

Now also for our English-speaking customers

Exciting news for all those who don’t want to miss out on any of the latest tidings from Wendt & Kühn between issues of our eleven dot post magazine! We’re now also publishing the Wendt & Kühn newsletter in English. The German version already has more than 8000 email subscribers around the world reading topics ranging from the latest items added to the collection to fun tidbits about our Grünhainichen workshops to fantastic gift ideas for special days. We send out several digital newsletters throughout the year and we’ll now be able to also keep all our English-speaking readers fully in the loop. Never miss another Wendt & Kühn scoop again: Click here to subscribe!

Gift idea

For those special treasures

These splinter boxes are real gems. This much is apparent at first glance – and when you open them and take a second look, so to speak, you discover so much more. These painted wooden containers guard secrets, preserve memories and provide space for treasured possessions. Your first movie theater ticket, snapshots from photo booths and even kitsch holiday souvenirs that bring back so many happy memories. Small mementos we pick up and look at from time to time that conjure up memories. Some happy, some sad, but always quite personal to us.


Competition „Manufaktur-Produkt des Jahres 2016“

A place on the podium

This year for the first time, Wendt & Kühn entered the competition to win the title “Manufactory Product of the Year 2016”. And with success. At our first attempt, the figurines of the puristic “White Timbre” Edition secured third place on the podium. And even more pleasing, this group of figurines, which this year became a quartet of four musicians, received yet another award. This exceptional collection of figurines received the special prize in the “Design” category.

Special exhibition at the World of Wendt & Kühn

With pencil, pen and paintbrush

Over the decades that they both worked, Grete Wendt and Olly Wendt, née Sommer, created thousands of drawings that to this day form the foundation of our manufactory’s collection. In addition to their sketches, designs and working drawings, both artists also sketched and drew for pleasure. Some 50 previously unseen watercolors, pencil sketches, and pen and ink drawings, including landscapes, portraits and studies of animals and costumes, are currently on display as part of the special “Insights” exhibition in the historic part of the World of Wendt & Kühn in Grünhainichen. We look forward to welcoming you!

teaser mitpinsel

High spirits

That special summer feeling

It’s finally here! The summer we’ve all been long anticipating. Warm sunshine, balmy evenings, meadows and fields bursting with color – does it ever get any better than this? Of course, this is the time of the year our Blossom Kinder absolutely live for. And what a carefree figure they cut from coffee tables to display cases – and even as gifts to your outdoor party guests. They help spread the fun and enjoyment of summertime pleasures.

Day Trip Tip

A magical day at the Wendt & Kühn World of Figures

Are you planning a day trip with friends, family or just for the two of you? How does a fun-filled day exploring a unique atmosphere and making lovely new discoveries sound to you? Then please come visit us at the Wendt & Kühn World of Figures. Wander through our magical world of Blossom Kinder and eleven dot angels and delight in the melodies ringing out from our many music boxes. We’re open daily from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

teaser geschlossen

„Handmade in Germany“

Wendt & Kühn embarks on a world tour


The international “Handmade in Germany” exhibition by German manufacturers will run for several years, starting from Berlin and travelling first to St. Petersburg, then on to Asia, America and the Middle East before returning to Europe again. You can find out more about Wendt & Kühn's world tour here.