Blossom Kinder and Friends

Radiantly exuding the pure innocence of childhood,
the Blossom Kinder and all their many friends have never
ceased to delight enthusiasts and collectors all over the
world with their carefree charm. Whether as personal
good luck charms, cheerful flower-bearing messengers welcoming
spring or summer, or as timeless companions through life.

When designing them, Grete Wendt incorporated the very essence
of all her creations: our universal longing for goodness and a sense
of security. With their cheery joyfulness, each of her figurines brings
us one step closer to this very special spirit.

5218/1, Ladybug
5221/1, Girl with Watering Can
5221/2, Girl with Rake
5221/3, Butterfly on Flowers
5231/1, Girl with Bunch of Flowers
5231/2, Girl with Dolly
5231/3, Girl with Bird on her Foot
5231/5, Doll’s Pram
5231/6, Nesting Box for Starlings
5231/8, Girl with Scissors
5231/9, Girl with Plate
5240/1, Boy with Large Easter Egg
5240/2, Boy with Egg on Pole
5240/3, Girl with Egg Basket and Bunny
5240/5, Girl with Egg Basket
5240/6, Easter Girl with Apron
5240/7, Easter Girl with Cart
5240/8, Girl finding Easter Eggs
5241/5, Schoolboy with Hat
5241/6, Schoolgirl with Pigtails
5243/2, Gnome with Roll of Fabric
5243/6, Gnome with Boot
5243/21, Gnome with Broom and Bucket
5248/1, Girl with Marguerite
5248/2, Boy with Cowslip
5248/3, Girl with Bluebell
5248/4, Boy with Snowflake
5248/5, Girl with Lily of the Valley
5248/6, Girl with Snowdrop
5248/7, Girl with Sunflower
5248/8, Boy with Poppy
5248/9, Girl with Pansy
5248/10, Boy with Daisy
5248/11, Girl with Four-leaf Clover
5248/12, Girl with Forget-me-not
5248/13, Boy with Daffodil
5248/14, Girl with Cornflower
5248/15, Boy with Corncockle
5248/16, Girl with Anemone
5248/17, Boy with Carnation
5248/18, Girl with Violet
5248/19, Girl with Starwort
5248/20, Boy with Crocus
5248/21, Girl with Cherry Blossom
5248/22, Girl with Winter Aconite
5248/23, Boy with Tulip
5254/2, Little Stork on Two Legs
5254/11b, Stork with Baby, Boy
5254/11r, Stork with Baby, Girl
5256/3G, Baby Chick, Large
5256/7, Baby Chick, Small
5263/N, Bird Carrying Letter
5264/5, Birds on a Twig
5286/1, Cat with Grey Stripes
5286/2, Cat, Black
5302/6, Deciduous Tree from Music Box 5336/4A
5302/7, Bird for the Deciduous Tree
5322/1, Twin Pair in Christening Gowns
5350/4, Bunny Musician with Mandolin
5350/10, Bunny Musician with Drum
5350/11, Bunny Musician with Cymbals
5350/12, Bunny Musician with Sheet of Music
5350/13, Bunny Conductor
5350/14b, Bunny Musician with Harp
5350/16, Bunny Musician with Triangle
5350/17, Bunny Musician with French Horn
5350/19, Bunny Musician 
with Songbook and Small Trumpet
5350/24, Bunny Musician with Double Flute
5350/27, Bunny Musician with Pan Flute
5350/36, Bunny Musician with Trumpet
5350/54, Bunny Musician with Saxophone
5350/57, Bunny Musician with Headless Tambourine
5350/58, Bunny Musician with Chimes
537/1, Berry Picker Boy
537/2, Berry Picker Girl
537/3, Berry Picker Child
541/0/1, Boy with Small Trumpet
541/0/2, Girl with Doll Stroller
541/0/3, Girl with Ballon
541/0/4, Boy with Ribbon
541/0/5, Girl with Whip
541/0/6, Girl with Pink Cap
541/0/8, Boy with Butterfly Net
541/8a, Baby Bunny
541/7, Flower Girl
550/BL, Flower Meadow, 3-tiered, Small
550/BL3, Flower Meadow, 3-tiered
550/BL5, Flower Meadow, 5-tiered
5248/Wk, Becoming a Blossom Child, Wallpicture or Display Stand (also in English Language)
590/10, Father Moon
590/11, Mother Sun
590/12, Star Child on One Leg
590/13, Star Child with Candles
590/14, Star Child, Large
590/15, Star Child, Small
6205/F, Spring Wreath
6224/10, Girl with Sleigh
6224/11, Boy with Tree
6228/N/1, Girl with Round Lantern, Striped
6228/N/2, Boy with Short Lantern, Striped
6228/N/3, Girl with Round Lantern, Dotted
6228/N/4, Boy with Long Lantern, Striped
6228/N/5, Girl with Short Lantern, Striped
6228/N/6, Girl with Cart and Japanese Lantern
641/N/5, Girl with Wreath
641/N/6, Boy with Flower
634/19g, Girl with One Set of Numbers, Green Dotted Dress
634/19r, Girl with One Set of Numbers, Red Dotted Dress
634/18, Set of Numbers from 0 to 9
643/N/1, Goodwill Boy with Letter and Flower
643/N/2, Goodwill Girl with Letter and Flower
526/22/643, Paper Napkins
WK/643, Candle